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The design of the HUUM DROP sauna heater is inspired by the purest element in nature – a drop of water. Its rounded design softens and compliments the angular interior of a classic sauna, giving it a touch of elegance. But DROP isn’t only about the looks. It's exceptionally large rock capacity allows the sauna bather to ladle more water onto the stones for a more intense bathing experience while creating a more consistent, soft high heat.


The available Wi-Fi control lets you preheat your sauna from anywhere. For bathers who want the absolute best sauna heater.


This heater is available in four power levels:

  •  4.5 kW (106-247 CF)
  •  6 kW (177-353 CF)
  • 7.5kW (230-441 CF)
  •  9 kW (282-530 CF)


HUUM DROP Series Package

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