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Custom Sauna Builds

Our saunas are all hand built and custom made to fit each unique client. Unlike large spa companies, we look at the build through the eyes of an experienced  builder and not from a manufacturing efficiency standpoint which leads to a high quality, durable long lasting structure. The advantage we provide over some other sauna companies is that we are a licensed and insured builder in the state of Minnesota meaning we can coordinate and subcontract other aspects of a custom build such as electrical and other tasks included in a permanent sauna install versus the DIY kits provided by the big companies.


Outdoor Saunas

Our goal is to provide the best sauna experience to those seeking the health benefits and sauna culture that is taking hold in the upper midwest. We have tried our best to tie our Finnish heritage together with a modern, simple and functional design to not only provide a wonderful steam experience but also to add a architectural focal point to your backyard. 

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