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The Cost of Home Remodeling!

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

Before committing to a home improvement project, one of the primary concerns we hear from homeowners is whether the cost of the remodel will be reflected in the resale value of the home. There’s nothing worse than investing the money to remodel, only to discover that it did nothing to raise the profit margin on your investment.

If you’re a homeowner considering a bathroom remodel, there’s good news. Bathrooms are one of the most frequently cited rooms for remodel as they tend to receive the least updating in decor. If the plumbing is functioning, homeowners put off remodeling the bathroom to attend to more visible areas of the home. However, as this statistic from Remodeling cost vs value 2016’s report shows, bathroom remodels are one of the most profitable home improvement investments a homeowner can make.

Depending on the scale of the remodel, homeowners can expect to recoup between 56 and 70 percent of their cost investment in the home. When you consider that the homeowner gets to enjoy their beautiful new bathroom until they decide to sale, it makes bathroom remodels a winning situation in habitability, enjoyment and investing into resale value.

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